Presentation Guide

Presentation Instructions

Since the whole meeting will be held online we are approaching you with technical information connected with your presentation. To ensure smooth proceeding of the conference all contributions will remain available to all participants during the whole duration of the conference. All contributions, therefore, have to be recorded and uploaded before the conference.

The deadline for uploading the contributions April 1st 2021.

Please note that presentations not received by April the 1st will be removed from the program.

The meeting will combine pre-recorded presentations*and LIVE Zoom Question & Answer sessions throughout the week hosted by the organizers and open to any meeting participant.

All presentations will be online ready for viewing on the virtual meeting platform during the conference

You may record your presentation with any software or method that you have at your disposal. An example of PowerPoint's record slide show with narration feature with a voice-over or a in-screen video of yourself can be found here :

In PowerPoint for Mac, only audio (not in-screen video) narration is available, so you may want to try an alternative for video narration, for example :

Important; Uploaded presentations have to adhere to the following specifications :
a) Maximum duration 18 minutes for an oral, 5 minutes for a poster
b) Maximum size: 500 MB