Venue and Location


The conference will be held at the Hotel Galant, Mikulov. It is a modern hotel, win- ner of the E.ON Energy Globe Award for its optimisation of energy utilisation and reuse of CO2 produced in its winery and brewery. Mikulov city is a historical site. The rst written record of it dates back to 1173. In the 17th century, Mikulov trans- formed from a small provincial town into the most important town in Moravia at that time. Its new appearance was inspired by Italian renaissance architecture. Lat- er on, however, this promising development was stopped by the Turkish and Hun- garian wars and the destructive res of 1663 and 1719. The town’s geographical location made it a place where cultural and religious currents and various ethnic groups came together, and their legacy can be clearly seen in the town to this day.
18 -21 April 2021 Mikulov, Czech Republic


The climate is typical of Central Europe. In spring the climate is mild and pleasant. In the middle of April, daytime temperatures of around 20 °C can be expected. The probability of rain is approximately 25 %.

Transportation to Mikulov

Mikulov can be easily accessed from Vienna International Airport, 100 km away; a 90-minute journey in shuttle buses will be organized at cost.
An alternative option is Vaclav Havel International Airport in Prague. After trans- port to Prague’s Central Railway Station, Mikulov can be reached by train with one change in the city of Břeclav. The journey takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes.